Monday, April 13, 2015


Just wanted to put this out there! Please tell your friends:) We are having a HUGE garage sale on April 22nd (preview sale from 6-8pm with $2 cover charge to come shop early) 23,24,25 from 9-3p and April 30, May 1,2 from 8-3pm. All sales will go towards funding our adoption of a little gril from China. We have alot of everything!! (baby clothes and shoes, baby items, toys, big furniture items, crib, baby bedding, adult clothes, kitchen things, decorations, outside tools, ladder, treadmill, tv, tv stand.....) 13618 Veracruz Drive (these dates are the bridgewater and veracruz association sales)

Friday, April 3, 2015


Last week we found out that our papers were in China. Great! This week we found out that our papers are being looked at which gives us a LOG IN DATE. Apparently our papers were logged in on 3-26-15:) This date means that we are eligible to be on the list to be matched with our daughter! !! When we got this news on Monday we were kind of shocked and super excited because they said that would take about a month or so and we got our log in date in about a week!!! So major props to China for keeping things moving:) When we found out our log in date on Monday, we were also told that a list was being released Monday night of potential children up for adoption. So that was hard to think about and honestly the entire day had me on the edge of my seat because I was just so excited that we may be getting matched that night. I didn't want to get my hopes up though because I know sometimes it can take awhile to be matched. Well, our social worker informed us that the list was pretty short and that their wasn't a match. Bummer:(

She explained to us how this whole matching thing works and it's kind of a crazy black Friday ordeal. I guess, when China releases the list of children, it goes to EVERY agency in the country. Each social worker knows the family's criteria and will search the list to see if there is a match. IF they come across one, it's first come first serve. You have to snatch up that name and lock in in place before another agency does. Once the child is locked in, the family has 72 hours to look over the child's file to determine if that's the one they want or if they want to release it back to the list. If they choose to release it, the list goes live again and the social worker can see if there were any that match. So this time around we didn't get matched, but soon and very soon we will have a picture and information of our sweet girl. Will you please pray for us during this time! So many emotions and feelings are coming with this. Pray that we remain patient. We know the Lord already knows who she is and when we will find that out so we just need to trust in him and his timing.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who have donated items to our garage sale! You guys are seriously the best! I know we still have some things coming, but you get the idea when you see the pictures that we have ALOT of stuff!! (these pictures are a little outdated too we have NO room left in each of those rooms!) The garage sale is April 30, May 1, and May 2. So mark your calendars and spread the word! We will probably do a preview sale on the 29th in the evening. A friend suggested to charge a $2 entry fee for the preview sale:) So will probably do that. Plus come on, it's going all towards the adoption!

We also have an exciting rescue mission project that we are doing through an organization called both hands. We are still in the midst of organizing this big fundraiser and tying down details, but I will give you some information about it. We come up with a team of people (including ourselves) who will send out letters to friends and family asking them to sponsor them for a day. (like running a 5k for a cause. We provide the notes, envelopes, and postage.) You would just donate your time, names to send letters to, and muscles. We find a widow who is in need of small projects done around her house. Things like yard work, painting, cleaning, power washing... and we get all of the needed materials donated by local businesses. We lock down a date to work on her house and then we all go and knock out all of the projects in one day for her. Blessing her! This comes from the verse in James where we are called to care for the orphans and widows. (hence both hands: one to help the orphan and one to help the widow). The donations are mailed in to both hands or done online and are all tax deductible. The items donated by businesses are also tax deductible. So this is just a really neat fundraiser to help more than one person and raise a good amount money. This is not at all affiliated with our home church. It is completely separate and is with this great organization out of Tennessee. If we can pull this fundraiser off, we can really knock out the remaining amount that is left in the expenses and be able to bring our little girl home! Then we wouldn't need to take out a loan which we would really like to avoid. So if you would like more information about this, would like to be on our team, would like to donate items for her home, or would pray for this event, please let us know. We are having an informational meeting on April 9th @7p for our team. We will have some more information about the project and can answer any questions you have too.

Can't wait to show you all a picture of our sweet girl!! Hopefully the next update!!:)