Tuesday, June 30, 2015

An update for you...

Well, it's been a bit since our last update on the adoption so I thought I would fill you all in a little. Unfortunately not much has changed. We are still waiting to be matched with our sweet little girl. We have gone through a few more list releases, but there have been no matches. We did review another file from one of our partnerships through our adoption agency. After prayer and lots of research on her medical condition we decided to say no. So we are just waiting and praying that it will be very soon!!!

This waiting is really getting the best of me. I can't wait to finally know who she is and have a picture to her. I'm not very patient so this stage in the adoption has been super hard for me. I think I would be fine if I just knew a date. I can wait until that date. It's the complete unknown that drives me nuts. That's the control that I have to let go of and just go along for the ride. I know while I'm in it, it seems so long but looking back it will be short lived and well worth it. His plan is better than mine. So I just need to wait and be patient.

Since we have just been waiting, I decided it was time to get the girls room decorated. (I figured maybe if I get the room done, it will help get us matched:) " Room's done now she can come." HA! We will see. At least that's a couple things off my to do list and I had fun doing it. Here are a few pictures.

And yes, her name is a secret until we get a picture of her:) Her first name is decided, but the rest is a little up in the air. We are waiting to see her picture. She will also have 2 middle names which will use some part of her chinese name. So if you want to know what her name is, PRAY hard that we get matched soon!! ;)