Wednesday, February 3, 2016

An Update :) (Jan 11)

Hi friends! It’s been a few days since we last updated. Saturday we spent just hanging out. We played a bit in the hotel playroom. We walked down the street to a busy flea market. We then went across the street to a big shopping mall and did some window shopping. Lunch time was a little stressful. Myla didn’t want to eat and was very cranky. So we ate quick and went back to the hotel so Myla could get a nap. When she woke up she was sweating and was so hot! Her temp was 103.6!!! Luckily I brought some Tylenol with us so I gave her some and after a bit she perked up. We got some take out for dinner and just hung low for the rest of the night. The rest of the evening she didn’t have a fever. She wasn’t sweating and was her normal laughing happy self.
Sunday was another free day. We were supposed to go the the zoo. We decided not to go because it was supposed to rain all day. So we went back to the shaiman island and did a little shopping and walking around. The trees, flowers, and buildings are really beautiful. After a few hours we came back to the hotel for lunch and noticed she had a fever again. It wasn’t as high as the first day but pretty close. This time she was freezing! Her lips were blue and her hands were frozen. So we layered her up and put her in our bed with some Chinese cartoons and more Tylenol. Again she perked back up to her happy self. It was raining pretty hard the rest of the day and we didn’t want to get all wet, so we went to a Japanese restaurant in our hotel which was pretty tasty. We walked around the lobby a bit and saw a wedding in the grand ballroom.
Today(Monday) was our big appointment day!! We had to be up and ready to go by 7:45am to make our appointment at the US consulate. We don’t have any pictures of the appointment as we were only allowed to bring in our passports, the paperwork, a diaper and snack for Myla. We were with 5 other American families in the room. We had to grab a number from a window and wait for them to call us up. Once they called our number, they looked over our paperwork, asked us some questions about Myla, and then took Aaron’s fingerprints. We then had to get some instructions about flying back home and had to take an oath basically stating we would care for her and never abandon her. And that was it! It went quickly and only took about an hour! Our guide will pick up her visa tomorrow for us and then we are officially set to go HOME! China has legalized the adoption and now the US has. She will become a citizen the second we touch US soil. Woohoo!! Once we were finished with the appointment, we went and toured the famous tomb of the Nanyue King. It was very fascinating to learn about him, see his tomb, and look at over 1000 artifacts that were found in the tomb. We then walked around a big park and got some lunch. While Aaron headed back to give Myla her nap, I took a taxi with our guide Judy to a tea market. We were wanting to bring home some different teas as gifts. That was really interesting! There were so many teas in the small shop. The lady was very nice in helping us buy and package them. She even let me sit in her big “tea master” chair and wanted a picture with me:) after Myla got up from her nap we ventured outside again to find some dinner. We found a yummy Mexican restaurant that had good tacos and fajitas. Myla wasn’t too excited about her fries and chicken quesadilla but hopefully she will learn to like it. One of the couples from this morning ended up eating there too so it was nice to talk to some Americans for a bit!:)
Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be sunny and in the high 60s so we are going to the zoo! We will meet our guide in the afternoon to get Myla’s visa, and then Wednesday morning we wake up early to catch a ride to Hong Kong where we will fly HOME!! We are sooo ready to get back home to our kids and our beds!

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