Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Our trip home! (Jan 13)

Today we fly out!! We grabbed our last breakfast in the hotel and brought our luggage down to the lobby. We said goodbye to Judy and got in a van to drive to Hong Kong. The drive was really pretty. We drove through a few tunnels and very close to the ocean. Once we got to Hong Kong, we had to change drivers/vans. A new driver took us to a customs check point. Before you can enter the country and even drive on the road, you must go through a borders checkpoint. It was a little intimidating! You had to get your temperature taken and look at our passports, papers, and luggage. Once we made it through three separate check points we were free to travel onto the airport. The also drive on the other side of the road so that was an interesting change. The scenery was gorgeous! Once we arrived at the airport, we got our stuff checked in and grabbed a quick lunch. We were shocked when Myla asked for our french fries! Up until this point she has been really picky. Wouldn't even eat a fry with ketchup on it. For the flight, she did really well. She sat in the seat, put her seatbelt on, watched tv, and ate the food with no problem. She only slept a little bit, and was awake most of the time. Besides just a few minor meltdowns, she did really great! We discovered she is kind of a bear when she wakes up. I didn't sleep much at all. There was a lot of turbulence so most of the flight I was just praying we made it home safely!! When we finally landed in Dallas we had to go through immigration and get myla's paperwork figured out. She's officially a US citizen!! We had a pretty long layover. We boarded the last flight to Indy and were excited to get moving so we could see our other kids! Of course, Myla was charming the passengers and flight attendants. After about 24 hours of traveling, we landed in Indy and couldn't get off the plane fast enough to see the kids! Of course we were in the very back of the plane, so it took us awhile to get off but we were so excited to see the kids waiting at the end of the hallway holding signs, balloons, flowers, and big smiles!!! They were so excited to see us and Myla! They loved Myla right away and were so sweet to her. We got many looks and smiles from people passing by. Since we landed so late in Indy we decided to stay at a hotel and drive home on Thursday. The kids were pretty funny. They were fighting over who held her hand. Poor Liam had a meltdown because there was no hand for him to hold! :( The kids didn't sleep that great in the hotel. I think they were just so excited!! We drove home Thursday morning and were greeted by a very excited dog!! Myla took to her right away and I think she will do just fine with her. It was a long trip but so worth it to bring Myla home to join our crazy family! And I have a feeling she will fit right in;)

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