Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Our Last day in China!! (Jan 12)

Today was our last full day in China!! Woohoo!! We spent it mostly at the zoo. It was quite the zoo! It was huge and had several animals of all kinds of species. The most interesting part was the safari park. This part of the zoo you could ride the train through or drive your own car through! This winding road took you SUPER close to zebras, lions, elephants, rhinos, hippos, leopards, giraffes, tigers, and so many more. Some animals were being fed so they were very active and some performed tricks. I’ve never been so close to those animals before! Some roamed right next to your car! The lions just had a little wire fence keeping them away from us!! It was pretty amazing! There were several people visiting that part of the zoo, but once we kept moving through to the other parts, it felt like we had a private tour of the zoo! We saw some koalas which were very sleepy. The snake exhibit had giant snakes on the ceiling and under your feet! We got to feed an elephant which was really cool! We saw lots of monkeys and baboons. And then of course we saw some panda bears! There was even a 5 month old cub! We had some lunch in the panda restaurant which only made sense to have a panda shaped meal for Myla! After lunch, Myla fell asleep so we just walked a bit more and then headed back to the van where our driver was. Overall, we really enjoyed the zoo. At times Myla got excited to see the animals, but she wasn’t as excited as I thought she would be. If our kids would have been with us, I think they would have flipped!!! She did enjoythe train ride lot! It was nice to not have each exhibit so packed. I was kind of surprised because a great zoo like that one in the states would have been packed all the time!!! 
We came back home so Myla could get a nap and we had to wait for our guide to drop off Myla’s visa! After we received that we went back to our favorite restaurant, Oggis (an Italian place) to celebrate our last meal in China! When we got there we saw some friends who adopted a cute little boy eating there. They invited us to join them for dinner so we had a little date night with our kids:) After we got back to the room, we gave Myla a bath. (Her favorite activity!) Once we put her to bed, we got all of our things put together and packed away!! So now our bags are packed and we are ready to fly home in the morning!! China has been so good to us, but we can’t wait to get home!!!!! Please keep us in your prayers as we travel home tomorrow. Pray our flights don’t get delayed or cancelled! I know there was some snow and cold temps at home. (This cold weather will be a shocker for us coming from 60’s) boo!!!!

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